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Wednesday, April 04, 2012

NICK CARTER: “Still Grieving” Sister

Backstreet Boys play the O2 in Dublin on the 21st of April together with New Kids on the Block. It’s been a tough few months for Nick Carter from the re-united boyband after the sudden death of his 25 year old sister Leslie. The police report concluded that she took an overdose after a long battle with mental illness and depression.

98FM spoke to Nick’s bandmate AJ to find out how Nick has been coping since the sad passing of his younger sister. 
AJ told 98FM: “Nick seems to be holding up really well – obviously he is still grieving.  All of us at one point or another  have lost a loved one  very close to us but nobody that young.  It’s a rough road ahead and Nick’s definitely reaching out and talking to his family and friends and he is reaching out to us looking for support and he’s definitely got support from us.  Nick and I are the youngest and we can relate on a lot of levels and me going through all the stuff I’ve gone through, I can kinda add a different perspective to it.  Hopefully as times goes on, he’ll heal but he will never actually lose the pain that will always be there.  Unfortunately, it seems to happen more often than not these days but it definitely puts a lot into perspective for him to be healthy and be happy.  When I heard about it I was devastated, I cried and couldn’t believe it”.