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Wednesday, April 04, 2012

AJ MCLEAN: Sober Again

Backstreet Boys are getting ready for their return to the 02 on the 21st of April with New Kids on the Block.

 It’s been fairly tough for Backstreet Boy AJ who ended up back in rehab despite great success in the past staying sober. In fact the last time they played in Dublin, he announced to the crowd how it was the anniversary of his sobriety but unfortunately for AJ, he then fell off the wagon again. 

 AJ told 98FM that in the last year he has returned to treatment and things are going well in that department. He told 98FM “I went back into treatment last year and it was a little difficult leading up to my wedding day and I went up and down. I’m sober now again. I’m loving life, doing fantastic and life could not be better”.