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Monday, March 05, 2012

Another Ring Goes Missing On The Hotel Nightstand...

It turns out aging boy banders are just like us! They, too, have stuff, allegedly, stolen from their hotel rooms.

In the case of Brian Littrell of the Backstreet Boys, he claims his wife's $110,000 wedding ring was stolen off the nightstand of the Evergreen Marriott Resort at Stone Mountain in Georgia over the weekend:

He said after they checked out and were leaving the park, his wife, Leighanne, realized she didn't have any of her jewelry. The couple immediately returned to the hotel, but said by the time they got to the room, all $120,000 worth of jewelry was missing.

"It was just kind of weird how it happened and how fast," Brian Littrell said. "I kept my rings on the bedside table, we left the room and 15 minutes I came back , they're gone." Leighanne Littrell said.

The couple filed a police report and later it turned out that one of the rings and one of the earrings that had also gone missing had turned up on one of the hotel employees. The couple are still hoping the wedding ring shows up and may offer a reward.

If you're worried about your jewelry being stolen when staying in a hotel, you might have to suck it up and just not bring your nice jewels with you in the first place. Otherwise, never take them off!

On the bright side for Leighanne and Brian, at least it wasn't a £1 million emerald ring?