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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

NICK CARTER: Making A Woman's Dream Come True

(WXYZ) - Nick Carter has been burning-up the pop music charts ever since he first started performing with the Backstreet Boys back in 1993. At that time, Nick was the youngest member of the band.

Voted “sexiest man in the world” by Cosmo Girl magazine, Nick has always been the sexiest guy in the world, according to 30-year-old Sarah Cheek.

Sarah says beaming, “Oh you should have seen all of the posters of him I had all over my bedroom, I mean, he’s gorgeous, he’s just gorgeous.”

But there’s nothing gorgeous or fair about what’s happening to Sarah right now. You see, just 12-months ago, at age twenty-nine, Sarah was diagnosed with 4 th stage breast cancer.
Now, battling to stay alive with chemo therapy and powerful drugs, Sarah’s one big wish was to meet her musical hero, Nick Carter, in person.

That’s when Sarah’s husband Kevin called me and the Call for Action team for help making it happen.

And on February 10 th, with an enormous amount of help from the terrific people at The Crofoot in Pontiac, we made Sarah’s dream come true.

That night, bathed in stage light and surrounded by the sounds of hard rock music, Sarah met Nick face-to-face and she says Nick Carter is as nice as you can get.

Oh yeah, Sarah says Nick’s music was incredible as well, but even more powerful to her was the heart-to-heart talk he had with her about fighting deadly cancer.

”He hugged me tightly and he told me, don’t ever give up, fight this thing as hard as you possibly can and don’t ever give up, even when you think you can’t stand another day, or you don’t have anything left. Keep fighting,” Sarah says.

All told, Sarah says it was one of the best nights of her entire life.

And she says, his words have made her even more determined to beat breast cancer and survive.

Just like Nick Carter told her to.

“It meant the world to me, it just did. It meant I can live; I can beat this as long as I never give up or give in. It just meant so much,” Sarah says, the water in her eyes starting to flow onto her rosy cheeks.