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Saturday, November 06, 2010

KEVIN RICHARDSON: Small Review During LA Talk Radio

- He's happy because he has 2 movies (The Bloody Indulgent and The Casserole Club), which God willing, will next year. Before that, he had several problems to get serious roles as his only experience was the musical Chicago and video clips with BSB.

- In 2003 when he made the musical Chicago, it felt good, like never before. It was at that moment when Brian called to record the album Never Gone, and he was not sure about it. Yet he agreed to record the album and go on tour with the guys, knowing that his heart was no longer part of it. And when the team managers have told him to do another album (Unbreakable), he told them he could not.

- In 2005, Jive told MTV that they emit no more videos of BSB. 'They were already finished "and would not let the fans said that was good. All this meant that he decided to leave the group.

- He had a clear opinion about the BSB tour with NKOTB, compared with only tour of Elton John / Billy Idol and are still making records, touring and being successful.

- On Oprah: He felt weird, the dynamic was as if he had never gone, but he felt weird because he knew he was no longer part of that. He agreed to participate because the kids called him saying that Oprah loved them at 5, but did not want to confuse the fans and wanted to clarify that it was only for 'this time'.

Source: On Air With Tony Sweet Facebook