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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

AJ MCLEAN: Hanging With His Friends ...

time to start the day.. gonna go get lunch with @LadyVonVicious & @skulleeroz and a few others.. hope all of u have great day..

Not sure what the plan tonight is..... But prolly gonna playing sum cards with @skulleeroz..... Good times

Yup it's a black jack nite with the boys at hard rock... Come hang lol

Source: Barry Benjamin Twitter

Relaxing for a little then getting ready to go out with @Barry_Benjamin and @skulleeroz... What's there to dooo hmmmm

Lol guess I'm the only girl tonight out with the boys... Too funnnnny in alex's room watching them be nerds..

Did alex just really make me sniff is armpits? N dirty shirt? Is it weird that I actually sniffed? Lmfao hahaahah

Good times with the boys today\night... Doing it again tomorrow... Gooodnight tweeters! Xox

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@Barry_Benjamin @skulleeroz oh no!!! what kind of shit are you boys getting into???

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