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Thursday, September 23, 2010

AJ MCLEAN & THE DOROUGHS: Review During Get Lucky for Lupus

Howie, Leigh, & AJ are playing at the same table. Only other celebrity i recognize at their table is Carl Weathers

Aj didn't have a cane but seemed to have a slight limp (favored a knee). I spoke briefly as he left: confirmed band name is "!oh yeah!" . be released in u.s. in january

Howie & leigh are now playing at separate tables

Leigh has the most chips at her table

... Howie, not so much

Leigh is pwning her table! 6 stacks of chips

Leigh makes it to the final table. Break time first.

Leigh lost on the first hand after the break. They left right away but howie took pics w/fans while leigh went to get the car.

Howie answered: 1. South american tour? "we're hopeful" 2. BIIM tour? 3. Nkotb tour? 4. New label? "I don't anything about it/that" (same answer to all 3)

Source: Misha Twitter