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Sunday, August 08, 2010

THIS IS US TOUR: Backstreet Boys Brought Out My Inner Feminine In Vancouver

Last night I discovered my Inner Feminine. I think her name is Alyssa and I’ve never met her before. She came out and had a great time at the Vancouver Backstreet Boys concert at Rogers Arena on Friday. Alyssa loved the flashy stage, fancy lights and especially the four crooners that make up BSB. She knew all the lyrics, clapped her hands and swayed to the beat. And she was just like all the other girls, young ladies and women that comprised the audience.

BSB gave the ladies like Alyssa lots to cheer about. They’re attractive men and they sing great harmony vocals that are in tune and easy to sing along to. The music critic in me was fighting tooth and nail to argue with Alyssa, but she couldn’t care less. She wanted to watch Brian, Nick, AJ and Howie dance across the stage while belting out such popular songs as Backstreet’s Back, I’ll Never Break Your Heart, As Long As You Love Me and I Want It That Way.

Alyssa seemed to really enjoy the short faux movie trailers that were used during the show as well. It was a clever display with each of the “boys” taking the lead role in comedic trailers for movies such as Fast & Furious, The Fight Club, Enchanted and The Matrix. After each trailer, the quartet emerged through the screen and were dressed in different attire. The flashiest costumes being the futuristic ones used during Larger Than Life, a song which was seemingly written for the fans.

As hard as I wanted to say that this show was rubbish, Alyssa would have none of it. She cooed as the boys sang hit after hit and she anxiously awaited the wardrobe changes so she could see each member show off a bit more of their personality. Like many there, her favourite member is Nick, but she seemed quite happy that I said I enjoyed AJ’s voice better.

As the show went on, I found it more and more difficult to distinguish between Alyssa and myself. By the encores, we were united as one again and I found that the critic in me became a softy for the evening, just sitting back and enjoying a great show. The Backstreet Boys brought out the feminine in me and we had a good time together.

Oh, and we promise we won’t tell anyone about the Backstreet Boys fan club.