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Friday, March 23, 2012

NKOTBSB: Howie Dorough & Joey McIntyre Interviewed On Derwesten

Only stormed the new kids the block, just ten years later, the boys took over the command from the backyard. Now the boy bands are fused to NKOTBSB. In the interview, tell Howie Dorough (38, Backstreet Boys) and Joey McIntyre (39, New Kids on the Block) of similarities, differences and toured in advanced age.

20 years ago, and your young fans came with their mothers to the concerts. Are today as grandmothers still in the process?

Joey: Yes, quite often. Many of then still have a connection to us, even if they only had to drive their children. Sometimes I ask for the audience, whether the daughters during this visit at least paid for the ticket (laughs).

You have become too old and therefore no more boy bands. What shall we call you now?

Joey: I do not care. If you find no name for us, we've overhauled almost even, and that's good. The boy band thing has bothered me in the beginning. I always thought: Wish us no stamp on. But now that we are a part of pop history.

Howie, did you hear in the 80s and 90s, NKOTB?

Howie: Absolutely! I also remember the fact that on the backs of their cassettes were often instrumental pieces. My mother brought me to rehearse it a karaoke number and send the recording to the NKOTB fan club. But I have not heard anything from them, they probably ended up in the trash can (laughs).

Joey, how do you feel about the Backstreet Boys as his successor?

Joey: It's simple: They had big hits, their music is good - I admire that, when the New Kids still had time to concentrate, we have made some good music. But when it became too big, because we have the world can no longer continue to make a good album. We would have a bit more to deal with the music. But now we have a second chance.

Do you plan about how the Backstreet Boys, a new album?

Joey: Yeah - now I have betrayed it. We talk about it for a long time, and we take one step at a time. But the Backstreet Boys are as likely to continue as we are.

How did it come to your collaboration?

Howie: It does not take a rocket scientist to come up with this idea. Manager and promoter approached us and asked if we can imagine that. And since the two bands have long known, it was equally interesting. When we tested it in 2010 at a NKOTB concert in New York, people are immediately turned.

It was easier before to prepare for a tour?

Joey: Not necessarily. We are all more or less in form, the condition is simply there. And we do not run madly about the stage, but knowing what we do. It's easier for us, but no less spectacular.

Can not enter any other boy band with you?

Howie: No, it is enough for us. We now have a "street" and a "block" - a city we do not need.

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