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Thursday, March 01, 2012

I'M TAKING OFF TOUR: Guinevere Talks About Touring With NICK CARTER And Being 'Crazy Crazy'

Guinevere's latest single, "Crazy Crazy," is rocking the dance floors and blowing up on the Billboard Club Play chart at #22 this week with the highest debut from a previously uncharted artist. She just finished touring with former Backstreet Boy, Nick Carter and is ready to release her solo album and get back on that tour bus for more anticipated tour dates. Guinevere spoke with Starpulse about her hot single "Crazy Crazy", what it was like touring with Nick and when we can expect her album.

Starpulse: Tell me about the tour you have been on with Nick Carter.

Guinevere: It was incredible, I mean this was one of my first big tours and it was a dream come true. Seriously, his whole team was so nice; it was like one big family really. And playing in front of all those people every night was amazing. Obviously it was a little bit scary at first because they are all hardcore Backstreet Boys and Nick Carter fans and it had to be about 95% all girls, so the first few songs they were like, “Who is this girl?” “I just want to see Nick!” So it was intimidating but after the first few songs people were getting into it and it was fun. It is a challenge to win them over but at the same time it is rewarding when they all cheer at the end.

Starpulse: I know you are very young, were you even familiar with the Backstreet Boys?

Guinevere: Yeah, I am 21. When I was growing up they were obviously on TV all the time but I listened to more 60’s and 70’s just growing up around my dad but Backstreet Boys were definitely a big influence in my childhood. I always loved Nick, you know, the cute blonde guys- and now I’m opening for him. It’s crazy!

Starpulse: You said you like 60’s and 70’s music and I actually read that you were born in the wrong era- what did you mean by that?

Guinevere: Just because it was just an amazing time, it was such an experimental time. Everybody was trying new music and it didn’t matter how long the songs were and it was just incredible. Like Zeppelin, you wouldn’t hear a “Stairway to Heaven” on the radio now. There were just a lot of artists that made it amazing.

Starpulse: Besides Led Zeppelin, is there anyone else who influenced you as an artist?

Guinevere: Robert Plant from Zeppelin, I totally fell in love with his vocal style and when I was little I tried to mimic his voice. Big fan of Gwen Stefani, I love Beyoncé for her performances, she is so aggressive and captivating to watch.

Starpulse: Tell me about your song “Crazy Crazy.” We loved your peacock eyes and jeweled lips in that video!

Guinevere: Thank you, it was a lot of fun doing that. The whole concept- I picked out all the outfits and wanted it to be dominating with the sword scenes. It’s about having fun with the one you are with like, “a lady in the streets but a freak in the bed.” I know sometimes people tend to be shy and I wanted to have fun with it and send that message that it’s okay to be a little wild sometimes.

Starpulse: Do you write your own songs?

Guinevere: Yeah, I wrote the whole record with my manager, Amir Epstein. I would either come to him with an idea, or, he is the chorus king- he is so good at writing choruses and I am more lyrics and verse melodies. I will write a few verse melodies and send them to him and he will tell me what chorus would be great.

Starpulse: Was it hard for you to break into the business?

Guinevere: I haven’t been doing this as long as other people but I have been in a band since I was fifteen and I have been writing since I was fourteen. I am lucky to be surrounded by people who know the industry and Amir especially has been in the industry since he was fifteen and he is in his mid-thirties right now. It is all about the team and the people you surround yourself with and you have to keep knocking on doors. Doors get shut all the time but you just have to keep going.

Starpulse: Tell me about your style and who your fashion influences are.

Guinevere: It’s aggressive; I have a bit of a tomboy side to me. I love lots of black, lots of leather, lots of studs. On the Nick Carter tour, I wore this leather corset with studded shoulder pads and feathers, so I am just taking animal and dominatrix influences and going with that. I don’t really have certain influences, just tomboyish. I went shopping today and got a leather USA jacket- it’s just kind of my style.

Starpulse: You said you were a tomboy, you also like hockey, Star Trek and video games, Guys must love you.

Guinevere: The hockey thing? Well, I’m from Canada, so if you don’t know how to skate you are just not Canadian. Star Trek- just being around my dad when I was little, he had a whole wall of VHS First Generation and I would always be watching them. Sci-Fi has just always been my thing.

Starpulse: What other artists are you listening to right now?

Guinevere: I really love Kid Cudi; his new rock record just came out. I like Drake’s new record. I am still trying to find some old stuff- I still haven’t conquered that whole library of music.

Starpulse: Is there anyone who you would want to collaborate with?

Guinevere: Kid Cudi again and Jimi Hendrix if he was alive. I would love for Skrillex to do a remix. That would be amazing.

Starpulse: Can you tell me about your new album?

Guinevere: Just the single is out right now and then we will probably release a few more singles. The record is actually done, I’m finished. A lot of the songs are very consistent with the sound, a lot of aggressive songs that speak the truth. There is one about the person you love cheating on you and that initial reaction you get. There’s a lot of heartfelt songs and angry raw emotion that come out of the record. I think people will really connect with that. I think we will be releasing a new single really soon.

Starpulse: What’s up next for you, will you be going back on tour?

Guinevere: I go out again on tour March 7th; I am doing LA, San Francisco, San Diego, South by Southwest in Texas, Ultra in Miami and maybe New York. I think we will be touring for about a month.