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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

HOWIE DOROUGH: Ready For Grand Prix

It's a bit of a scoop for last year's Grand Prix winners, to none other than Howie D. from Backstreet Boys will sing their 'New Tomorrow' with them at this year's Danish Melodi Grand Prix.

Friday was A Friend in London to meet and rehearse with Howie D. for the first time. But the world star's flight was delayed and then suddenly hung his participation in the Grand Prix a very thin thread.

But in the 11th hours reached Howie D. of Aalborg and Gigiantium the Danish Melodi Grand Prix 2012 held Saturday afften.

- We got one one syyygt short rehearsing with him, so we were a little nervous, says Tim Schou in connection with Friday night's rehearsal.

- But he's so cute and we have good chemistry, says lead singer in A Friend in London.

It was crucial for Howie D. was that he managed to sing 'New Tomorrow' with A Friend in London a few times in rehearsal. Otherwise, a popular singer not go on stage for the final and decisive test. Equally important was it for Danmarks Radio, the A Friend in London and their special guest conducted the dress rehearsal - DR would otherwise not have them on stage together at the show Saturday night.