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Monday, February 27, 2012

NKOTBSB: With New Solo Plans

NKOTBSB known as New Kids On The Block and Backstreet Boys are on tour to Germany. But in addition to the band follow the individual careers of band members of NKOTB and BSB their solo careers, just like Jordan Knight (NKOTB) and Howie D (BSB). And report of the two men's new!

Jordan Knight, who is working on his solo career since 1994, celebrated in the United States already had great success with hits like "I'll Be Your Everything" (# 1 Billboard Hot 100 hit), the Jordan at the age of 17 years for singer Tommy Page wrote.

He had four Top 40 singles, reached gold status, was nominated for several awards, worked as a jury member in the American music show and started his own small family.

Now he's back with the NKOTB boys, Joey, Jonathan, Donnie and Danny on the road, but also for his solo career, he takes the time and published in Germany in spring 2012 his album "Unfinished".

The first single from the album called "Let's Go Higher" and was produced by Colby O'Donis (including Lady Gaga, Akon).

When the Backstreet Boys is Howie D responsible sold 100 million records worldwide, many international top 10 hits, award-records and the creation of one of THE mega-hype of pop history with the biggest and most loyal fan base for almost 20 years.

With his solo debut is now entering a new exciting phase of his life. After two decades pop history, and finally marrying and starting a family, for him it is the perfect time for a summing up. And while he is with his bandmates and New Kids On The Block on a world tour, he goes with this music on a personal journey of self - BACK TO ME - that's the name his first solo album, which is parallel to the tour starts in Germany , specifically on 4 May 2012.