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Monday, February 27, 2012

NKOTBSB: HOWIE & JOEY Interview On Reuters

Backstreet Boy member Howie D. and New Kid Joey McIntyre came to London this week to speak about what their fans in Europe can expect.

"You know these two groups coming together was something we hadn't done", McIntyre told Reuters Television.

"Both groups have kind of seen it all but coming together we took it to another level. And you know the show is, at the end of the day it's got to be a great show. And I think across the board it's been really well received in North American and we start the show together, we trade off, it's one big roller coaster of a show. It's not just two bands you know separately doing their thing. And I think that makes it special and the fans are consistently you know it never stops. They're entertained pretty much every minute. And we're excited to bring it here cause both bands have such a past in the UK and Europe and you know the fans are a little bit different here, they're a little bit more excited. I feel like it's a little bit heightened, it's probably we're excited to be in a different country. Different culture, all that stuff so everybody kind of ups their game just a little bit," he said.

New Kids on the Block, which formed in the 1980s, broke up in 1995 and reunited in 2008, were made popular by hits including "You Got It (The Right Stuff)" and "Hanging Tough." Members Donnie Wahlberg (brother of actor Mark Wahlberg), Danny Wood, Joey McIntyre, Jonathan Knight and Jordan Knight will all be touring.

The Backstreet Boys rose to fame in the 1990s and became the best-selling boy band of all time with hits including "I'll Never Break Your Heart", "I Want It That Way" and "Everybody". The current line up includes Nick Carter, AJ McLean, Howie Dorough and Brian Littrell.

Just like their mainly female fan base, the boys have grown from teenagers to adults, with some of them now looking after their own sons and daughters.
But unlike at the height of boy band mania, Howie D. says he enjoys to finally being able to hang out with fans.

"In the height of things, you know it definitely brings us back to the days when it was crazy. Like I say the pitch tone is a little bit not as squeaking, cause they're kind of a little bit older. But you know it's one of those things that now that you know we have gone through the height of it and the craziness and still being able to continue on, obviously at the same magnitude as it was before but at the same time still the same magnitude on a different level. Now we're able to have a bit more quality time with our fans, you know before in the past either group couldn't get out of their hotel rooms or be able to really get a chance to hang out the venue without fearing or having you know security all over you," he said.

Both McIntyre and Howie D. say the bands are excited to work together and are not worried about competing egos. However, when it comes to who has more fans at the show, McIntyre jokingly suggests his band has an age advantage.
"We know we have more fans," he said.

Source: Reuters Via ITNSource.Com