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Monday, February 13, 2012

I'M TAKING OFF TOUR: Fan Review In Columbus

A Backstreet Fan Wrote Her Review About Nick's Concert In Columbus

February 12th 2012 = BEST DAY OF MY LIFE.

I’ll start off with sound check and then get to the show :)

Sound check:
Nick sang two songs, Fly Away and Free Fallin. Then he got asked a couple questions and one of them was what’s your favorite pizza topping. He went on a 5 minute rant about what he likes and what he doesn’t like on pizza. It was hilarious. Then someone asked what kind of video game he would come out with and he said probably one involving music… and taking his clothes off. xD He joked about hitting the wrong cord and having to take his shirt off. haha I got a little eye contact so I was in heaven.


After sound check was picture time. I was toward the end so I had to wait for a little bit. I gave him his card with a letter I wrote and told him “Happy Belated Birthday” he said thank you. Then I got closer to him and he was like “I’m glad to see you here baby.” I almost freaking died. I know he calls a lot of people that but when it’s directed at you in that moment it feels so damn special. :’) Then for my picture I asked him to stand behind me with his arms around me and he said “of course”. So at least I got the pic I wanted. Then I was walking away and I was like “hug?!” He goes “sure thing” and so I got a hug too! Then he told me to enjoy the show. I’m angry I didn’t say more but I got everything I wanted and he’s just amazing. Can’t wait for my pic!

The Show:

His opening act wasn’t too bad. She had a few good songs. Can’t believe she’s 19 lol I’m older than her.
Then Nick came out in his spacesuit and of course ROCKED THE HOUSE. I’m so happy I got to hear Blow Your Mind live. My other faves as well. Almost cried a few times because I was so damn happy. =) I was depressed when he said goodbye lol Everything he did last night only ensures my love for him. There’s a reason I call him my idol and last night was perfect proof of how talented and amazing he really is. ♥

Source: ♥Stephanie Warren♥ Twitter