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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

HOWIE DOROUGH: Released His Solo Album

As one of the Backstreet Boys is Howie Dorough (Howie D) responsible for selling over 100 million records worldwide, many international top 10 hits, award-records and the creation of one of THE mega-hype of pop history with the biggest and most loyal fan-base since almost 20 years. With his solo debut, he begins an exciting new phase of his life. After two decades of pop history, and finally marrying and starting a family, for him it is the perfect time for a summing up. And while he is with his bandmates and New Kids On The Block on a world tour with this album he goes on a personal journey to self - Back To Me

From € Electro-Chic on dreamy melodies and soul to impulsive Pophymnen his debut, a cross-section of ups and downs shows accompanied by the usual charming vocals and personal lyrics.

For years Howie shows his talent and energy, but much more now Back To Me The first single "100" brings to each case not only for him to dance! Produced by the Canadian duo hit the track Kuya Brothers convinced above all by its catchy and infectious atmosphere that is no longer out of your head. A perfect introduction for an album full of life and love.

On songs like "Lie to Me" also reached new heights as a singer Howie and shows his strength and passion when it comes to ballads.

Besides music, Howie is otherwise employing, for example, helping with the Dorough Lupus Foundation. Established in loving memory of his sister Caroline Dorough Lupus Foundation provides the voice and financial support for research into this devastating disease using benefit concerts and charity events. Worldwide, the fans asking for years for a solo debut by Howie D and he promise that Back To Me is dedicated to his fans. . "I can not wait to show this album and my fans to give what they have long desired by me," says Howie and added: "This is my way to the fans to give something back and for me its very loyal and faithful years of support to thank. I hope they feel that part of my personality, as they previously did not have the chance to know this side of me. "

Data Release
04/05/2012 Album: "Back to Me"

05.03.2012 Geneva Arena
05.05.2012 Stuttgart Schleyer Halle
6.5.2012 Leipzig, Arena
05.07.2012 Berlin O2 World
09.05.2012 Hamburg, O2 World
10.05.2012 Oberhausen, Arena Köpi