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Monday, January 31, 2011

NICK CARTER: Interviews On Vibe Japanese [Talks About Lauren Kitt & I'm Taking Off]

Undisputable, the highest ever world-class super group, the Backstreet Boys. No. 1 Well proud of it all, singing, voice, and Nick Carter said the biggest icons in all aspects of the group looks to release the solo work in eight years! Following the previous announcement was a big hit 10 million pieces of dance, pop / R & B, based in rock and pop elements, incorporating up-tempo ballads and from work, rich in Variety. 30 Reaches to 30 years old, and Nick have found a new one, its true "figure" for the forthcoming.

- Is that the previous eight years, putting out some major reasons now?

Nick Carter (Nick): I'm in, I think it had prepared. When I would get to know, I know well what will be. Just trying to make music recordings, let me see what happens, so I decided. But I heard you had to become aware of their good songwriter. I realized I needed to be able to make all my albums. From the lyrics to the recording, if not all of my albums by going out was not. I own, something I 語Ritakatta. Now I'm 30 years of age, this period of life, who wanted to know what everyone I. How to write a good song should I do, like pull out any of my experiences, what songs do I get everyone's understanding and sympathy. In this story I think those songs 作Reta definitely the best time than now I'm not.

- 1st time on the album, the band itself in any business, Nick had been working hard alone. This time there is also the world tour, in very good condition 2nd group made. The impact of this work is the difference between the status of such groups?

Nick: We're studying how to take it all balanced. Some have family members, they are also members to produce a solo album, to show how each of who have their own, now can give each other the necessary space. This year, bands from the United States do a big tour, got to find time in between them. But importantly, I'm a Give and Take. I am, I started composing and recording a half years ago making this one of the work now. While also recording the Backstreet Boys, and recorded it with just me. Giving yourself the pressure to make an album called I, but 任Setakatta flow. I wanted to happen in the way it should be. Is because it is my view of life. Things happen for a reason in it for the album was born like that. The situation with the band, I'm going very smoothly.

--In the creation of this "songwriting" in addition to select "who" tell us about the action.

Nick: I'm always making music as a writer. Sometimes you write for yourself, there are opportunities to write for other artists. In the process, I have a chance to meet a variety of producers and songwriters, if you lead people there, some are not connected. I think it's important to choose someone I like that. I make music with anyone they can. If there is no connection between teaming partners, but not something special. This is something that can be learned from my experiences. So, I'm met some producers, some people did in their previous work together like Matthew Gerrard. He can not have confidence I sincerely wanting to do things with me that he wanted to do that to him myself. It feels like everything in the process, I can sing, say, I was called to find someone who believed in my potential as an artist since then. If you can not find those people, do it better. Sometimes it is difficult, I always like the youngest in the scene or not is the sexiest. You're coming out our young rookie, will also require calculation and deliberation. So eight years, thinking, thinking, analyzing, I was called to do something. To know who one is, I had a lot of homework Konasanakya.

―- Now or Never [] in previous work, the work now [I'm] Taking off. Unconsciously wants to declare a state of the title now?

Nick: How about ... I think the possibilities are certainly there. solo album, as long as it was made properly, because it should be a reflection of their lives. My 1st time on the album and I am now completely different. And say what I like better than I am now at the time, yeah, of course. At that time I did not know who someone is you. But now, I know some one else. The song was recorded at that time to make, in order to get something out of frustration and family issues, did not know What only way. Only the music has been my outlet. So I made that work. That way if his too, yeah, my album is the state at the time, I think is a representation of my life. "I'm Taking Off," in the title of this song called I may have been used in a negative context, as the album title, I'm definitely a positive. I think I have the title to show that I ready to take off.

――And why most favorite songs in the album track?

Nick: "Falling Down" is probably, one of my most favorite songs. This song I have several meanings. I made a song together with Matthew and Mischka Again, let me this song when Matthew, now "finished writing this up, I have to record" I felt. So about my family, I wrote about the brothers and sisters. And are living with their family had experienced many things together, so they are affected. Is transmitted or a bad habit of mothers and fathers, with a revolving door would still have trouble carrying. This song is a song I'm about it. So for me, I'm a pretty deep and intense song. Hear these lyrics, I think we can feel my pain?

--Nick on a recent private. Recently, what life? Having fun?

Nick: I often stay at home. The main reason, not because you are loving my new healthy, put the strength, to health, from What are exploring possible ways to live longer. So, with that in mind as the best food in the mouth, I'll always go to the gym. I also have to golf, but also do other sports, doing lots of exercise to keep muscles using dumbbells.Also studied exercise and balanced diet. I was so healthy that passionate. After that, I'm always playing video games like crazy. I have four computers at home, the best computer Arienwa called - is in, so "Medal of Honor," always doing the game kinda thing. "War Craft" I'm playing well. I still love to have fun, I'm a happy man. Also, because the sea-side living in Malibu, Shimo Teru long paddle surfboard riding. Be active, I'm that important to a happy and healthy.

――"Healthy" "Jim," "Happy," "balance" is the keyword? Since when aware of them, to practice?

Nick: I think I was about three years ago. May have been a little bit more. A doctor, I was told I might weaken the heart muscle disease cardiomyopathy. It is like drinking my past, I was doing that too much was due to many things, it shocked the life I'm aware that there is more work to do You're short. It was the beginning. After that, the new, rapidly going to find a new supplement, called adventure and I was taking myself to find a little secret of life. I'm lead to do so. I became addicted to health. As well as physical aspects, in terms of mental health and trying to matter. To stimulate the spirit better, and I'm also reading.

―- Love is doing?

Nick: Yeah, I have girlfriend two years and two months she's going out, I'm a great guy. The support for someone who had much need for me, I'm really the best. I'm in love with her. Now there will be lots to map through her mind. And she is the type of person, not requiring the attention that I should do, I will let you like. It's a good thing. Now I ask, in a good hearted, be with me, I'm that someone who cared about my feelings and my favorite. It is the most important it is.

―- Some fans imagine a bright future for a stable relationship with her now. proclaimed "Paternity" in the future?

Nick: Right now, I do not get married. I do not mean to be rude but I'm not her, before you start thinking about marriage, I have to do is still have a lot of resolve. And it hurt a lot of parents in the past, the mistakes committed by others, to me why? I thought of. So, I'm slowly over time.

―- Including solo and group activities, this year vision?

Nick: This year, I will go to South America as the Backstreet Boys, maybe two per month, round the three and a half weeks there, came back to America, the U.S. tour with New Kids on the Block to start. Then I will go to Europe in May, I will release this album. So for the tour, return from there on, I also tour with New Kids. So, backstreet with a solo tour, it's chock a year of promotion. But I, with this solo album I'm really excited. In the years that I made, I think it was probably the best work.

-- Want to try it when you came to Japan?

--Nick: When I went last time, but I did acupuncture. Very good. Shiatsu can do for me, because he hooked on reflexology foot massage and I like variety, green tea is good for health in the world I think. Because I really do. I love to eat for days at a time as well, sushi is what I love anything Japanese. Japan has a lot of ways to be more healthy life. I love