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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

NICK CARTER: Kill Speed With Great Review In Australia

Trust us: we never thought we’d be critiquing a flick starring a former Backstreet Boy. Yes, the day has come thanks to Kill Speed which stars Nick Carter alongside Andrew Keegan (some of us will remember him as one of those poster boys that we hung on our wall “back in the day”). But before you roll your eyes at the cast, give Kill Speed a go because take it from us: there’s not one moment where you won’t be sucked in by this action-fest! Set in the desert in Southern California, this flick follows the drama that arises when a crew transports a large amount of methamphetamines in their high-tech planes. As you can imagine, pretty much nothing goes to plan and the crew are forced to think on their feet in order to avoid major problems. Yeah, scoff all you want at Carter’s presence but we’ll promise you one thing about Kill Speed: it won’t “break your heart”.