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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

NICK CARTER & HOWIE DOROUGH: DJ In L.A. | Nick = Douchebag

You know who I’m over? Again?

The Backstreet Boys.

I’m now boycotting them forever. Well, just Nick Carter.

Last night, he kept tweeting about some DJ gig he had at West Hollywood’s Libertine with Howie Dorough. So…we went. There were about 30 girls there. Ya, not many. So he walks in, says hi to Howie and then takes off for an hour. When he returned he dj’ed at the booth for 1.5 hours without even looking up. Occasionally he would when his girlfriend came over to talk to him, but nothing to the fans. Seriously?

THEN he wouldn’t take pics with the majority of the people there. He went to the back of the bar and stayed there…..not coming out…..getting the bar owners to kick everyone out at the end of the night….still not leaving the back of the bar.

DUDE, YOU’RE NOT THE SHIT ANYMORE! Actually, you weren’t back in the day either. The group was. Do the world a favour and get over yourself. There were fans there from pretty far away to see you. The least you could do was say hello to them….not racing through the crowd to be where there aren’t any fans. Don’t go inviting them all if you’re just going to ignore them! This is my pet peeve with celebs. IF you don’t like the light….stay away from it.

Oh right, but they probably paid him a pretty penny.

No excuse. Why? Cus Howie was there too and he was more than willing to pose for pictures and chat with the fans.

All I have to say is – - where the f**k was AJ, cuz that dude is decent.

Nick Carter on the otherhand….the one that spent time in my top 5 for the majority of my life…..booted clear off the charts. Even his girlfriend was nice and friendly, and she’s known to be a bitch.

Nick Carter = douchebag.

Just as a side note – if you don’t like the post, stop reading it, tweeting about it and complaining. I’ve met them several times. If you had a great experience with him, I’m happy for you! I’m happy it worked out. I’m just laying out what happens the majority of the time. It’s my site, therefore my experiences….kinda the point. Read the comments!