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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

THE LITRELL'S: *NEW* UPDATES About Their Anniversary Party

Did Brian perform at the anniversary party like he did for the wedding? If so was it a new/original song or the same one? :)
Yes, it was a new song!

What did Leighanne wear to the 10 year anniversary party?
She had three dresses. One was a turquoise dress, one was an ivory "wedding" dress, and one was a black sweetheart gown. She looked beautiful all night.

Were the other BSB members at the 10 year anniversary party?
AJ was unable to make it because of surgery, but Howie attended with his wife, Leigh.

What was your favorite part of B&L 10 year anniversary party?
I loved it ALL! It was so amazing; I especially loved getting to be a part of the entertainment!