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Sunday, August 15, 2010

THIS IS US TOUR: Brian Littrell & Family Out In Toronto's YorkVille

Backstreet Boy Brian Littrell (aka one of my top two favourites) was seen with his wife Leighanne and adorable son Baylee out and about in Yorkville tonight, heading out for a late dinner at Café MoRoCo. Littrell, in town for a concert at Molson Amphitheatre tonight with his band mates has been in-town since Thursday night and made some time today to do a bit of Golfing.

He Tweeted to his fans that he was enjoying S'mores, challenging fans to find him. This alarmed a slew of fans to arrive at the restaurant's doorstep. Upon leaving Café MoRoCo with bags filled with their specialty Macarons and Truffles, his Security Guard ushered fans back to his Hotel where they were lined up and took photos with Littrell one-by-one. Generosity incarnate. And he looked thrilled actually to be greeting his fans.

Leighanne appeared fatigued, heading back to their Room first, although their son Bailey was all smiles at the Hotel's entrance, playing with a Sobieski Vodka Keychain Light (the same ones handed out at last night's Bruce Willis party), shining it on fans waiting on his famous Daddy.

Littrell has stirred up quite a bit of controversy of late, having built a solo career as a Christian artist. Earlier this year, Backstreet Boys appeared as the Grand Marshals of the San Francisco Gay Pride Parade, which led to his music ridiculously being pulled from Christian Radio Stations. In addition, any products relating to him being removed from Christian-themed stores. Hey - what ever happened to "love thy neighbour"? Get with the times, people!