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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

THIS IS US TOUR: Backstreet Boys: Guys Who Have Matured

The Backstreet Boys gave a performance close to their
pop roots

Nick Carter announced in our columns last Friday, the Backstreet Boys returned to their pop roots with their show and their last album, released in fall 2009, This Is Us locations Thus, the four boys have worn the bottom of small strings of the golden age of boy bands: fetishism, tossing T-shirts in public, some passages of dance for sexy enough to overwhelm the hearts perfectly choreographed group dance and the usual "hands up" which have given rise to a tidal arm in a packed Bell Centre.

The concert was interspersed with several vignettes in which the singers have taken the place of one of the characters in a movie.? Thus, Howie was devised by a race with Vin Diesel in Fast and Furious (Fast and dangerous)? AJ and saw Brad Pitt, Edward Norton twice in Fight Club. It seems that the aim was to give pleasure, and thereby to please their fans.

After an introduction with Backstreet's Back, they alternated pop and R & B songs and pieces of deceivers running smoothly. Sitting on four chrome bar stools, a red rose in hand, they sang songs repeatedly in the heart by a public won. These passages were somewhat tempered by the diffusion in the background image so romantic cliché that might have belonged to the bank of images of wallpapers from any computer.

But the number of lovers who seduced a generation of girls there are more than 15 years continues to operate. The girls have historically grown, Nick, Brian, AJ and Howie have grown a few sighs and cries hysterically. Without that it will rob them of their charm, we see that the guys have years of stage in the legs. They know how to give a concert and to please their fans. The contrast was evident when, on I'll Never Break Your Heart, images of the clip of the day were broadcast in their backs.

Monday, this maturity was reflected in their willingness to build tables, moods, and sought a show rather than just a concert.